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What is the hybrid car. Pluses and minuses of hybrids

In recent years people began to think seriously of ecology on the planet. And car makers willingly support this tendency, creating the cars using environmentally friendly fuel. As for electric cars, after all, seriously they meanwhile aren’t considered yet. What you won’t tell about hybrid cars which find the increasing popularity.

Hybrid car

What is the hybrid car? The word a hybrid comes from Latin “hibrida” that means – a hybrid.

That is an organism which turns out when crossing genetically various parent forms. In our case, parent forms, it is the internal combustion engine, and an electric motor. One offer: the hybrid car is the machine working from “the electric motor-the internal combustion engine” system, having high profitability. This aggregate can be powered both traditional fuel, and the electric power from accumulators.

Each of engines possesses the certain function.

For example: if the car costs, for example in a stopper, or moves slowly, the electric motor will work. When the machine gathers the course, goes the petrol engine into action.

Pluses of hybrid cars.

The most important plus of hybrid cars is that they are very economic. As a rule, fuel consumption at them is 25% less, than at cars of the traditional scheme. And in the conditions of constantly growing prices on gasoline, this point is the most important.

The point following on importance, is ecological compatibility.

Hybrids cause less loss to our ecosystem, than regular machines. It is reached by more rational fuel consumption. Also, in case of a complete stop of the car, the petrol engine stops work, giving an initiative to an electric motor. That is in case of stops, emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere practically don’t happen.

Unlike electric car batteries, in hybrids, batteries can be recharged from the petrol motor. What does its inventory of the course rather big. Besides, it does also without filling with gasoline longer.

Many think that hybrids, according to characteristics, much more yield to traditional cars. It’s not true. All necessary characteristics (capacity, dispersal from zero to hundred and so on), at them, aren’t worse at all.

Best of all, hybrid cars feel in a city cycle in which there are very frequent stops and the engine works hard when idling. Practically, in the city it works as the electric car. If to speak about the mixed cycle, then here they have no particular advantages.

Hybrid car

As it was already told if the car stands still, then it passes into an operating mode of the electric motor. What gives almost complete noiselessness.

Well the hybrid car regular hydrocarbons, that is gasoline also refuels. Everything is performed by a standard method, as well as at traditional cars.
Minuses of hybrid cars.

There is nothing ideal, and here too there are minuses. And main of them that repair of hybrid cars manages much more expensive, than repair of the machine with traditional picking. It is explained by complexity of a design of the device of the engine.

Also, because of complexity in a design, it is difficult to find professionals who will be able to be engaged in repair of the engine.

Besides, so far it is unknown how the used accumulators influence the environment. Therefore, and their utilization is a problem.

In spite of the fact that it is plus at hybrid cars nevertheless more, they aren’t popular in Russia yet. One of the reasons of it is the price. The cost of the most popular, in our country, Toyota Prius hybrid, constitutes from 1 200 000 rubles. And this car is the cheapest hybrid. Also, for the mass buyer plan to issue the Russian development of the hybrid car, so-called “Yo-mobile”. The price can constitute it from 350 000 rubles. However this project was closed.

BMW ActiveHybrid X6

Due to the fight for ecology, around the world buyers are stimulated to purchase hybrids.

So, in the USA there is a number of tax benefits for owners of such cars, and even free parking spaces.

The engines using hydrocarbons will lose slowly but surely the line items. And hybrids, it is one of such steps. However, until the prices of them remain at the previous level, demand for them will be small.

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