Ferrari F430 Tuning and Repair 

The most non-standard coverings of a body of the car (10 photos + 1 video)

If you have money, but there is no taste – to be to a trouble. For you 10 Super Cars which were degraded by the tasteless owners who made a non-standard covering on a body. 1. Ferrari 599 GTB Strange modern trend – to cover the car case with velveteen. Probably, this Ferrari cries gasoline from nozzles at night, her owner has no taste at all, time he made it. 2. Maserati Ghibli And here one more “genius” who covered magnificent Maserati Ghibli with suede. But to it it became…

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The most unusual janitor in the world Tuning and Repair 

The most unusual janitor in the world (video)

For persons interested to be allocated in a car flow in Germany invented a new type of tuning. It is inexpensive, but very original. Tuning of Ford Fiesta on a look includes not only a forward flow, a weather-cloth and a spoiler on a roof, but also a modified rear wiper. It is synchronized with an arrow of the tachometer and moves together with it. Such device of “tachowiper” is called. Besides, the scale of turns so drivers of other cars see as far as the Ford Fiesta engine is…

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ZIM Coupet Tuning and Repair 

Magnificent Russian ZIM of Coupet based on BMW

What there! The machine can be changed by hands of masters so that finally will turn into something really original. Such cars can consider ZIM Coupet based on BMW “seven”. The luxury vehicle in the photo is called ZIM Coupet. It was made by masters of Tuning Studio V12 tuning studio based on the E66 BMW 745li car. The machine is executed in retro-stylistics, however actually is the modern, comfortable and functional vehicle. Each detail of a body was made by masters manually. The inside of BMW taken as a…

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Hummer H1 Tuning and Repair 

Return of the legend: Updated Hummer H1 now again I appeared in the market

The Hummer H1 car is this legend among fans of big and brutal off-road vehicles. Get such machine today it can to be extremely difficult. However all this doesn’t prevent to appear continually in the market to interesting copies for which and hands of motorists reach. The brutal Hummer H1 off-road vehicle was issued rather not for long, but during this time managed to become this legend at motorists and especially at fans of really big, cool and powerful cars. On any evil irony, the subsequent models of this car…

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BMW X6 M Tuning and Repair 

Unique BMW X6 M was offered for sale in Abu Dhabi

This BMW X6 M received an aerodynamic weather-cloth from carbon fiber from the acknowledged specialist in this case — 3D Design studio. It includes a forward splitter, a back spoiler, overlays for thresholds, the back diffuser. The standard cowl of the car was replaced with a carbonic element from the Manhart company. Unfortunately, the motor under it remained the same — the 4,4-liter V8 Twin Turbo block capacity of 575 horse-powers. From AC Schnitzer studio the crossover got a set of 23-inch rims of AC1 Forged Racing. From under the…

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Tuning auto Tuning and Repair 

External and internal car tuning of salon the hands.

The simplest and often used is the external tuning representing as, for example, improvement of aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle, and change of its appearance. Sometimes each car owner has a desire something to change in the Nissan Juke the crossover or to improve some characteristics. In this case tuning of salon can resort to a car the hands (external, internal or technical). The simplest and often used is the external tuning representing as, for example, improvement of aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle, and change of its appearance. If to…

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