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Serial production of the Lada Vesta SW and Lada Vesta SW Cross cars started

On September 11, in Russia, Izhevsk city, the start was given to serial production of two new Lada models – it is Vesta SW (station wagon) and also Vesta SW Cross. As reports a press service of AVTOVAZ concern, these two cars will fill up a model range of one of the most demanded cars in the Russian market – the Lada Vesta sedan which takes the third place of rating of sales.

Lada Vesta

Engineers of the AVTOVAZ set the task, to create the high-quality and reliable car. More than one hundred prototypes of machines which passed all tests, both in laboratory, and in road conditions were created and tested.

Experiences on reliability of a pendant with a maximum load were passed on gravel, soil and cobbled roads, crash tests are successfully passed. Vesta versatile persons underwent climatic testing in heat chambers at temperatures from-40, to +55 degrees. All experiences confirmed the high level of reliability and safety of new model.

 Lada Vesta

Thin setup was carried out to a pendant of Lada Vesta SW Cross, taking into account redistribution of mass of the machine. For this version of the versatile person it turned out to create a unique pendant, with the increased clearance and, at the same time, with that comfort and controllability which already fell in love Vesta sedan.

Also, the rigidity of a body is enhanced.

Lada Vesta SW Cross

For start of production of versatile persons, on the Izhevsk automobile works stamping about 80 new details of a body was mastered. The assembly shop, shops of paint and welding were modernized. The first series Vesta SW was sent to an educational class, for passing by personnel of preparation.

Lada Vesta SW Cross

Lada Vesta SW and Lada Vesta SW Cross filled up the list of a model range of the AVTOVAZ plant in Izhevsk. We will remind that there also Lada Vesta the sedan and Lada Granta the lift back are issued. Sales of versatile persons will begin in the fall.

As for the cost of innovations, it it will be stated later.

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