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Nissan removes compact models from the European market

Nissan reduces the presence at a segment of compact cars at Europe and at Russia to a minimum. The emphasis will be placed on crossovers.

In June of the current year Nissan stopped in Barcelona (Spain) release for Europe of the Pulsar hatchback, and at the end of the current year in Russia serial production of the compact Almera sedan shall end. The electric car Nissan Leaf which received new generation recently will remain the unique compact car of the Nissan company on the Old Continent.

Nissan removes compact models from the European market

Nissan Pulsar was available for sale in 2014. Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus became his main competitors. Japanese wanted to sell annually in the European market at 64 thousand copies of this hatchback, but it at them didn’t turn out. In 2017 Europeans purchased, according to JATO Dynamics, only 25 221 copies of this model.


The Nissan Almera sedan appeared in Russia in 2013. In 2014 more than 46 thousand copies of this model were sold there. In 2018 Almera so far doesn’t even enter in 25 of the best on car sales in the Russian market. It isn’t surprising that Japanese decided to get rid of this model. In Russia and Europe Nissan plans to be concentrated on sales of crossovers, generally X-trail and Qashqai.

Global tendency such is that motorists began a thicket to buy crossovers and off-road vehicles, but not sedans and hatchbacks. Case reached that Ford in general decided to stop to sell sedans in the USA.

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