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Mercedes-Benz DICE

The Mercedes company has shown the vision of the car of the future.

The Stuttgart producer is sure that in several years the forward panel of the modern car absolutely will lose buttons and various switches and will cope gestures of the driver (a la modern tablets). Germans have given a concept of salon under the name DICE as an example.

Mercedes-Benz DICE

That in inside of the car there will be only screens of different diagonal and brightness, knew at the beginning of the 80th. But here to replace all buttons, levers and switches with gestures – to it have come just now. The new concept from the known German car maker carries the name DICE and partially imitates the future car.

Mostly, all this reminds rather a simulator, the exercise machine, but not the concept car in any way. However from it the invention of Mercedes-Benz (accessory gives to concern a steering wheel with a logo of the company) didn’t become less original. On the forward panel there are no buttons, regulators and other governing bodies. It is reported, hands of the driver and passenger will be watched by the special sensors covered on all inside of the car. By means of this or that gesture it will be possible to operate various systems of the car.

For example:

have clicked a finger – climate control has joined, have waved a hand – the window was closed, have bent a little finger – the motor has decayed.

It is remarkable that DICE is directly connected with technologies of augmented reality. It means that, having made several passes hands, it is possible to obtain exhaustive information on sights of the city or to receive all particulars about that street on which the car moves at present.

Data may contain information of any sort — proximity of gas stations, existence of any institutions and also many other things.

To be fair we will note that Mercedes-Benz – not the first company which has shown interest in the future interface. In December of last year the Mitsubishi concern also has tried to show inside of the car of the near future.

The concept carried the name EMIRAI and could brag of the huge concave display of a back projection on the dashboard and also biometric system which has to exercise constant control of the state of health of the driver. The screen in a concept was completely touch, however for ensuring full comfort on a steering wheel have taken out some command keys.

Still Japanese have provided dynamic adjustment of seats in EMIRAI salon. The system individually arranges a chair under each driver, instantly loading settings from his profile. Besides, “clever” sitting constantly watches a warm rhythm of the driver and takes temperature of his body.

Based on these data, the system adapts the provision of sitting so that to ensure the maximum safety when driving.

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