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Important about tires

You will find answers to the main issues about which all consumers of tire production have to know in this article. Highlights for your safety, increase in service life of wheels and also it is a little about mounting.

Important about tires

Winter tires (not studded or intended for snow) aren’t recommended to be mixed with other types of tires. Establish on all axes of the car of the tire of one drawing of a protector and the size. Installation by one car of tires of a different design can lead to loss of management that can lead further to serious accident.

Pay attention that tires of the standard or allowed sizes specified in the list of car tires which is available in the maintenance instruction of the car are mounted.

Don’t mount the tire on the spoiled disk. At wear of a protector to the level of the platforms indicator, the tire can’t be used as snow or not studded rubber more. Nevertheless, she can be used as the ordinary tire before emergence of “the wear indicator” (1,6 mm) then she should be replaced. The orientation of rotation of the tire can provide the best indicators of management. It is forbidden to change the direction of rotation of the directed tires.

Not to mix at installation of the tire of the different sizes or designs on one axis, except for cases of limited use of temporary spare tires.
For landing of boards never pump over pressure more than 2,8 kg/cm2. After full landing pressure shouldn’t exceed the maximum size specified on a tire sidewall.

It is forbidden to mount a tire on a disk which has been damaged or which was exposed to repair with use of welding or soldering.
Insufficient, as well as excessive pressure is dangerous and can lead to accident or destruction of the tire.

Check tire pressure (including a spare wheel) at least, once a month and also before each long trip.

The rating of tires should be made in a safety cage.

On new snow tires it isn’t necessary to gather speed more than 60 km/h during the first 500 km of operation and also sharp dispersal and braking.

On new not studded tires it isn’t necessary to gather speed more than 80 km/h during the first 100 km of operation.
In case of use of chains of anti sliding, it is necessary to be convinced that chains of the appropriate size are used, and they are reliably attached to automobile wheels.

Avoid use of chains when driving on long distance if the road isn’t covered with the rolled snow or ice.
At movement along winter roads it is necessary to avoid sharp starts and sharp braking, it is also necessary to hold a sufficient distance between cars.

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