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How to learn to behave on the road quietly driving the car?

Now driving a car there are more and more women. The car is driven by all: teenagers, women with children and even respectable old women. There is an opinion that ladies not so hot drivers at least, so think almost all men. Generally consider that women go not there where they are asked, don’t understand road signs, we are inattentive on the road, ring driving time, without using the hands-free device, correct a hairstyle, standing on the traffic light.

Quietly driving the car

So, what the lady wishing to learn to drive the car needs to remember?

  • To know traffic regulations it is a priority.
  • The following on importance is not to be afraid of the road and of course the cars overtaking you.
    Notice, in the city there are a lot of motorists, they began from scratch too, were layman.


To feel surely begin to go near the house, on simple and poorly populated streets. Invite the father to auto walk since he will secure you, only don’t expect the serious help try to count only on yourself on the road. Train in such time when in the city car, i.e. in the morning or in the evening and also when there is no traffic jams there isn’t enough or when all sleep on houses. Gradually you learn to go to do shopping, before work, to friends and you learn several convenient routes to point necessary for you.

After a while you can study in more detail the city gradually, in the company with the navigator who will be able to secure on the road, with the navigator or independently, according to the card – buy a copy, convenient for you.

Driving on the highway and high-speed routes the car will be the following stage.

Further you will master speed, you will move in a steam of cars on brisk streets. Further, when you will think that have quite mastered a car, it is possible to go also out of town.

At the beginning it is better to drive without music, – gradually you will get used and you will listen to music, without losing orientation on the road. Miss pedestrians, be concentrated, especially at night and in a bad weather. Once you notice that trips to a car at night, during a thunderstorm, during ice – here another examination and a way to understand, you act on the road in a difficult situation. It is important to be vigilant, you don’t hurry.

Be sympathetic, you tell thanks if you were passed by other drivers and apologize when “cut” someone or have created a dangerous situation on the route. You aren’t angry with jams, with roughness of drivers of cars and any unpleasant situations, remain the woman: therefore don’t use foul language, be always quiet and send to neighbors in the route a part of good mood!

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