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How to choose the automobile accumulator?

Modern accumulators automobile. We choose the accumulator automobile.

Why for one accumulator — a current source, and for others — a headache?

How to choose the automobile accumulator?

The answer is obvious — the wrong choice.

Now we won’t speak about quality, then it would be necessary to list various brands of joint stock bank, to give characteristics. We suggest to approach the choice of the accumulator, having armed with the general representations, than one joint stock bank differs from another.

Accumulators are automobile, or, more correctly, the rechargeable battery (joint stock bank) provides start of the engine and, if necessary (for example, malfunctions of the generator), can be the reserve power supply. That the accumulator regularly performed the functions — was a current source, but not efforts and experiences of the owner — it is necessary to choose him correctly. What does the “correct” accumulator mean? It is joint stock bank which, besides possession of such characteristics as the high quality and durability, will be ideal in all respects for your car.

How it is correct to choose the accumulator automobile?

First of all, it is necessary to decide on what type the accumulator is necessary to you. There is a conditional division of accumulators into two types — unattended and low-served. They differ on appearance: unattended accumulators have hermetically soldered case, and served provide a of addition of electrolyte in case of his evaporation.

Joint stock banks of the first type are choosier to work of system of power supply and operation of electric equipment of the car, and are suitable more for softer, than those which are in Russia, climatic conditions. When using such accumulators it is necessary to control periodically serviceability of the generator and to monitor existence of leakages of current in the system of electric equipment.

The low-served accumulators are characterized by high reliability and are ideal for operation of the car in the conditions of severe Russian winter. In turn, this type of the accumulator automobile is also divided into two types: without electrolyte and filled in at manufacturer. As a rule, in the last better electrolyte and also is less probability of marriage.

How to choose the automobile accumulator?

It is convenient to buy accumulators without electrolyte “for emergency”: to alert them full, it is necessary just to fill in electrolyte.

Important parameters on which it is necessary to pay special attention at the choice of the accumulator is the his amount and critical temperature of work. The size of joint stock bank is specified on the case of the accumulator or in the maintenance instruction.

At the choice of the size of the accumulator it is necessary to consider the platform size under a cowl provided for accumulators automobile and also length of wires (especially it is necessary to show consideration for length of conducting at installation of the accumulator with the return (reverse) polarity). As for work temperatures, considering the Russian weather conditions (the speech, first of all, goes about “severe Russian winter”, it is known that in frosts often there are problems with start of the engine), it is better to choose the accumulator working in the largest range of temperatures.

Also the most important characteristic of the accumulator which has to be one of defining at his choice — its electric capacity (nominal and reserve). On the label of joint stock bank or the nominal capacity of the battery, that is capacity of the twenty-hour category of the accumulator is specified in the instruction (registration certificate) to her. She is measured in Ach (Ampere hour).

How to choose the automobile accumulator?

Capacity of the accumulator, optimum for each car, is defined by his producer and is specified in the registration certificate or the operation manual if you don’t know exact given that specify them at knowing lyuy or ask a question on a car a forum. Automobile the recommended capacity also should buy Accumulators. To save, buying the accumulator of smaller capacity, isn’t necessary as the term of his service will be, most likely, short and in cold season there will be problems at start of the engine (the accumulator won’t cope with the task).

Now for passenger cars with petrol engines the most widespread option of joint stock bank are accumulators with a capacity of 55-65 of Ach.

At the choice of the accumulator it is important not to be mistaken in quality of the bought battery. As a rule, high quality the joint stock banks made “checked by time”, producers, famous in the market, have. Economy of the insignificant sum on purchase of the accumulator of the unknown producer can sometimes turn back … purchase new joint stock bank instead of low-quality “without brand”.

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