Heating of diesel fuelAdvice and Tips 

Heating of diesel fuel. Why it is necessary?

Systems of heating

Speaking about additives, it is important to note that they not always give due effect. So, it is possible to rely on them if air temperature constitutes at least -5 °C. When average daily temperature falls below this mark, additives in most cases cease to work. Besides, they promote fuel rise in price.

Much more in an efficient manner fight against freezing of fuel use of the combined and electric systems of heating which cope with fusion of the emitted paraffin one many better (about problems of start of a car read on this website in the winter) is.

Heating of diesel fuel

Preheating elements are established, as a rule, on filters of rough and thin purification of fuel as these nodes are the most critical points of fuel system. So, per-starting heating is performed by an electric heating element which is established in front of the filter of rough cleaning of a fuel collection.

It provides a warming up of such amount of fuel which will be enough for start-up and warming up of the power aggregate. Further operational heating of fuel is performed by means of warmed up to the working temperature by cooling liquid which circulates through the fuel collection.

Features of installation and work

Today several types of heaters of both foreign, and national production are presented at the market. As a rule, in them heating elements which temperature of heating doesn’t exceed 145 °C are used. When temperature reaches this value, the heater is switched-off. Thus, the risk of the fire and uncontrollable ignition of fuel is excluded. The considered heaters of fuel are powered from on board network 12/24 B.

Turning on of heaters is performed by the driver from salon. These devices are, as a rule, equipped with the regulator of capacity which changes ranging from 15 up to 150 W (for network of tension 12B) depending on amount of the fuel consumed by the car.

On cars which tension of on board network constitutes 24 V more powerful heaters which nominal of capacity are regulated ranging from 25 up to 275 W are used. Time of per-starting heating constitutes no more than five minutes. In case of use of the combined heating systems when heating antifreeze to 50 °C the electric heater automatically is switched-off.

Heating of diesel fuel

Equipment pluses

Installation of the warmed-up fuel collection increases a resource of operation of the power aggregate. For a winter season expenses on installation of this equipment with interest pay off as the driver shouldn’t be spent for acquisition of fuel additives. Besides, the engine not so wears out in case of cold start and the accumulator charge is saved.

Earlier car owners fought against crystallization of diesel fuel by a warming up of tanks blowtorches or mixed diesel fuel with gasoline. These methods irretrievable consigned to the past as modern engines are more exacting to a fuel quality and won’t suffer similar “mockeries”.

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