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Bugatti will appear the super-sedan

The last years the French brand — the company of one model: Veyron, then Chiron — piece goods for automobile collectors.
But in the company always dreamed to have a four-door in scale.

Such model could eclipse competitors from Rolls-Royce and Bentley what to speak about Mercedes – Maybach or “seven” of BMW. But everything rested against marketing specialists of Volkswagen AG concern which possesses Bugatti.

However, apparently, ice started. One of clients of the company in its courtyard managed to photograph a prototype of the unknown machine. Under a dense cover a forward part of Bugatti Chiron is guessed. But at this prototype the wheel base and longer back is much longer.

The head Wolfgang Duercheimer said it that the four-door can appear in Bugatti scale last year. However, since then Duercheimer left the company, but, judging everything, the French prepare the project of the big four door car. It is unlikely it will be the sedan in habitual understanding of this word.

Bugatti 16C Galiber

Bugatti 16C Galiber became a harbinger of four-door model of brand. It was shown in 2010.

Dyurkhaymer said that if the project is given green light, then four-door Bugatti will go to a series in 2024. Who knows, maybe, will light this machine earlier that prospective clients could appreciate it.

  • In China it is still possible to purchase Bugatti Chiron counterfeit. For only 5000 dollars.
  • As of the beginning of year, in Russia there were less than one thousand Bugatti of all models and years of release registered.

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