Automobile defectsAdvice and Tips 

Automobile defects

Problems with a car.

Widespread breakdowns in cars, preventive maintenance of a car.

Driving of the car is capable to deliver many pleasant moments. Together with that, it is obvious that if to neglect planned surveys shortly there are any defects which lead sometimes to serious troubles. The automobile car – very difficult mechanism, for this reason various defects nevertheless sometimes happen. If you have an idea of the most widespread breakdowns in machines, then you considerably will save both money, and nerves, and time.

Automobile defects

Pressure in tires: very big worsens performance of the engine, and lowered at the same time increases gasoline consumption. Creation of the necessary level of pressure will lift return of liter of fuel and service life of tires. Tires shall have a 5-millimeter protector. The slightest changes in a relief are able to discompose a car during movement. If on the road you feel vibration, it specifies insufficiency of depth of a protector.

Deviations in operation of the brake system: the squealing a little brake is called one of the main reasons for concern. This system consists of a set of elements, and the defect of one detail quite often provokes defect of all system of braking of the car. Also the insufficient level of brake fluid can appear a cause of infringement of braking. Oil, air filters should be held cleaned, replacement should be made systematically.

Black smoke from an exhaust pipe – a signal of defect of the vehicle.

It can be result of burning of oil in the engine if fuel injectors are damaged during operation. The lowered level of oil leads to excessive heating. The warning signal appears when pressure of oil becomes less necessary level.

So, one may say, that preventive maintenance of the car is important. It is possible to eliminate defects also most, applying the operation manual.

However we advise that it was done by professional mechanics.

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