nissan Auto News 

Nissan removes compact models from the European market

Nissan reduces the presence at a segment of compact cars at Europe and at Russia to a minimum. The emphasis will be placed on crossovers. In June of the current year Nissan stopped in Barcelona (Spain) release for Europe of the Pulsar hatchback, and at the end of the current year in Russia serial production of the compact Almera sedan shall end. The electric car Nissan Leaf which received new generation recently will remain the unique compact car of the Nissan company on the Old Continent. Nissan Pulsar was available…

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Auto News 

Seat showed the seven-seater flagman crossover on video

Seat Tarraco which debuts in the middle of September will receive new auxiliary systems for driving on off road terrain. The SEAT company published the video in which the camouflaged prototype of new flagman model of the Spanish brand — the seven-seater Tarraco crossover is shown. The official premiere of the car will be constituted on September 18 in the Spanish Tarragona. According to developers, the all-wheel drive crossover is designed in such a way that without effort can overcome obstacles with a bias in 70 degrees and cope with…

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Models of cars which rust less than others are called Auto News 

Models of cars which rust less than others are called

Over the years any car can rust. Some models are more subject to corrosion, others — are steadier. Experts decided to constitute the rating of the budget cars which body is steadiest against corrosion: On the first place there was the Czech machine Skoda Octavia. Despite the affordable price, cars issued at the beginning of the 2000th years strike with the comfort and resistance to corrosion. The main reason — a high-quality galvanized body. The French Peugeot 307 car appeared on the second line of rating. It is possible to…

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Gaz Volga 21 Auto News 

Volga GAZ-21 at the price of 300 000 euros (8 photos)

Germany offered for sale the unusual car “GAZ-21 Volga” at the price of 299 thousand euros. that GAZ is remarkable the fact that it was crossed to Mercedes S 600 V12, in the car practically all stuffing from Mercedes-Benz, including a wheel, the front panel, leather seats with the electric drive. In addition in a car the powerful audio system is installed. Under a cowl atmospheric 5,5-liter V12, 500 hp is established, and the 5-staged automatic transmission together with him works.

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Lada Vesta Auto News 

Serial production of the Lada Vesta SW and Lada Vesta SW Cross cars started

On September 11, in Russia, Izhevsk city, the start was given to serial production of two new Lada models – it is Vesta SW (station wagon) and also Vesta SW Cross. As reports a press service of AVTOVAZ concern, these two cars will fill up a model range of one of the most demanded cars in the Russian market – the Lada Vesta sedan which takes the third place of rating of sales. Engineers of the AVTOVAZ set the task, to create the high-quality and reliable car. More than one…

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compartment changed not only external Auto News 

Updated Lexus RC: in style of senior “brother”

Japanese declassified an updated compartment which design is executed in the spirit of flagman LC now. As well as always occurs in case of face lifting of appearance, designers got off with easy strokes. The form of headlights (now they light-emitting diode) and the LED tradable fires integrated into them was updated. Air inlets in front increased, the trellised grid is established on all versions now, and not just on F Sport. All this external pulled together the machine with a flagman compartment of LC. The form of air inlets…

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Bugatti 16C Galiber Auto News 

Bugatti will appear the super-sedan

The last years the French brand — the company of one model: Veyron, then Chiron — piece goods for automobile collectors. But in the company always dreamed to have a four-door in scale. Such model could eclipse competitors from Rolls-Royce and Bentley what to speak about Mercedes – Maybach or “seven” of BMW. But everything rested against marketing specialists of Volkswagen AG concern which possesses Bugatti. However, apparently, ice started. One of clients of the company in its courtyard managed to photograph a prototype of the unknown machine. Under a…

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At the Ford plant drones began to fly! Auto News 

At the Ford plant drones began to fly! (video)

Present, only one simple idea is capable to eliminate all risks connected with work at height moreover and to save 90% of time! To look how Ford drones inspectors work, it is possible in this video topic. In the company Ford have thought how to secure the workers forced to check durability of designs of the plant at height. Before work on maintenance employees carried out, using the automated platforms elevators and the construction woods. Works were conducted at the height up to 40 meters, and survey of each zone…

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Mercedes-Benz DICE Auto News 

Mercedes-Benz DICE

The Mercedes company has shown the vision of the car of the future. The Stuttgart producer is sure that in several years the forward panel of the modern car absolutely will lose buttons and various switches and will cope gestures of the driver (a la modern tablets). Germans have given a concept of salon under the name DICE as an example. That in inside of the car there will be only screens of different diagonal and brightness, knew at the beginning of the 80th. But here to replace all buttons,…

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Ford Focus entered in Top 10 the most sold cars of Europe Auto News 

Ford Focus entered in Top 10 the most sold cars of Europe

According to concern, the European dealers of brand began acceptance of preorders for new Focus. Its sales start in the summer of 2018. Leadership among the most sold models in the European market remains for Volkswagen Golf. As specified in JATO Dynamics research company, last month 39,35 thousand these cars are sold. Growth of sales constituted 13%. Renault Clio got the second place with result 37,32 thousand realized cars. The third — at Volkswagen Polo (36,33 thousand units). In the first five were Ford Fiesta which was chosen by 23,77…

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