At the Ford plant drones began to fly!Auto News 

At the Ford plant drones began to fly! (video)

Present, only one simple idea is capable to eliminate all risks connected with work at height moreover and to save 90% of time!

To look how Ford drones inspectors work, it is possible in this video topic.

In the company Ford have thought how to secure the workers forced to check durability of designs of the plant at height. Before work on maintenance employees carried out, using the automated platforms elevators and the construction woods. Works were conducted at the height up to 40 meters, and survey of each zone demanded 12-hour intense and dangerous work.

Everything has begun with a usual joke:

Tired employees have assumed what well for such work to use robots, and the inspiration has come here — drones as well as possible will be suitable for these purposes!

And then at the Ford plant in Great Britain for survey of high-rise designs have for the first time called to the aid drones inspectors. It has made work safe moreover and has significantly saved time. Now employees shouldn’t climb under a ceiling, and on survey of all territory of the plant to the smallest details one working day suffices.

By means of the drones equipped with video cameras it is possible to inspect supporting frameworks, pipes and sites of a roof of the enterprise, and they get into all remote zones. Thanks to a know-how inspections at the plant in Dagenham can be carried out more often. Besides, it isn’t necessary to stop production for construction of the woods any more as it happened before.

The company is going to use “technologies of high flight” at the enterprises and in other regions.

Among the breakthrough ideas of Ford there are clever benches which help to recharge the sat-down gadgets, and at the same time and give the mass of the necessary information!

And in the company with success apply Robopop, that is the robotized “fifth point” to understand, it will be how convenient to the real person in an automobile chair.

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