Rolls-Royce Silver of the sultan of Brunei Articles and Reviews 

10 most cool limousines in the world

What the most important in a limousine? “Comfort”, – will tell one. “Prestige”, – others will notice. “Champagne onboard”, – the third will answer. And here some are sure that the most important in a limousine is its length. And still singularity which will allow to be distinguished in a steam of cars. Don’t you trust? Then surely look at the most unusual limousines in the world – they will strike you. Well, and if seems to you that all this is too ridiculous, don’t forget – all of them…

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Lexus ES Articles and Reviews 

Seven Edition Lexus ES

Lexus ES – the front-wheel luxury sedan of business estate (it is an E segment on the European classification) and, in combination, the “global product” of the Japanese mechanician combining elegant design, magnificent saloon furniture, modern technical solutions and bonus level of equipment … It is aimed, first of all, at solvent men of average years (mostly – family) which want to show to people around the “high social status”, but at the same time like to take the wheel personally … Outside the “seventh” Lexus ES reminds the flagman…

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BMW ActiveHybrid X6 Articles and Reviews 

What is the hybrid car. Pluses and minuses of hybrids

In recent years people began to think seriously of ecology on the planet. And car makers willingly support this tendency, creating the cars using environmentally friendly fuel. As for electric cars, after all, seriously they meanwhile aren’t considered yet. What you won’t tell about hybrid cars which find the increasing popularity. What is the hybrid car? The word a hybrid comes from Latin “hibrida” that means – a hybrid. That is an organism which turns out when crossing genetically various parent forms. In our case, parent forms, it is the…

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How to choose the automobile accumulator? Articles and Reviews 

How to choose the automobile accumulator?

Modern accumulators automobile. We choose the accumulator automobile. Why for one accumulator — a current source, and for others — a headache? The answer is obvious — the wrong choice. Now we won’t speak about quality, then it would be necessary to list various brands of joint stock bank, to give characteristics. We suggest to approach the choice of the accumulator, having armed with the general representations, than one joint stock bank differs from another. Accumulators are automobile, or, more correctly, the rechargeable battery (joint stock bank) provides start of…

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Quietly driving the car Articles and Reviews 

How to learn to behave on the road quietly driving the car?

Now driving a car there are more and more women. The car is driven by all: teenagers, women with children and even respectable old women. There is an opinion that ladies not so hot drivers at least, so think almost all men. Generally consider that women go not there where they are asked, don’t understand road signs, we are inattentive on the road, ring driving time, without using the hands-free device, correct a hairstyle, standing on the traffic light. So, what the lady wishing to learn to drive the car…

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Bentley Continental Flying Spur: true luxury at the price of the new crossover Articles and Reviews 

Bentley Continental Flying Spur: true luxury at the price of the new crossover

It was difficult to tire out the price of the midsize crossover for a mark of 2 million 10 years ago, and only those who had own oil well thought of Bentley Continental Flying Spur. But times were replaced: to some RAV4 in decent picking without 2 million you will also not be risen, and Flying Spur in which it is more genuine leather on an upholstery of one door, than in all inside of any new crossover costs … as much. For this purpose, who loves machines eyes and…

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