lighter Advice and Tips 

What gadgets can’t be inserted into the lighter at all

The list of the automobile devices eating from onboard network of the machine by means of the lighter or the socket 12V is rather wide. However it is better to refrain from use of some devices whenever possible. If, of course, in your plans the arson of own car isn’t necessary. By modern machines of the lighter as not to find it — automobile “lighters” were succeeded by sockets on 12V. A nest for electric devices everyone has today, even the most budget model in the simplest picking. And in…

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Important about tires Advice and Tips 

Important about tires

You will find answers to the main issues about which all consumers of tire production have to know in this article. Highlights for your safety, increase in service life of wheels and also it is a little about mounting. Winter tires (not studded or intended for snow) aren’t recommended to be mixed with other types of tires. Establish on all axes of the car of the tire of one drawing of a protector and the size. Installation by one car of tires of a different design can lead to loss…

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Automobile defects Advice and Tips 

Automobile defects

Problems with a car. Widespread breakdowns in cars, preventive maintenance of a car. Driving of the car is capable to deliver many pleasant moments. Together with that, it is obvious that if to neglect planned surveys shortly there are any defects which lead sometimes to serious troubles. The automobile car – very difficult mechanism, for this reason various defects nevertheless sometimes happen. If you have an idea of the most widespread breakdowns in machines, then you considerably will save both money, and nerves, and time. Pressure in tires: very big…

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Heating of diesel fuel Advice and Tips 

Heating of diesel fuel. Why it is necessary?

Systems of heating Speaking about additives, it is important to note that they not always give due effect. So, it is possible to rely on them if air temperature constitutes at least -5 °C. When average daily temperature falls below this mark, additives in most cases cease to work. Besides, they promote fuel rise in price. Much more in an efficient manner fight against freezing of fuel use of the combined and electric systems of heating which cope with fusion of the emitted paraffin one many better (about problems of…

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Crimean Bridge Advice and Tips 

10 recommendations that who will go on Crimean Bridge

The Crimean Bridge information center published ten recommendations to tourists (drivers and their passengers) who will go to the Crimea on a new transport crossing through the Kerch Strait. The most amusing of them (N6 recommendation) – to make a wish in case of journey under the code of a navigable arch. We will remind, it will be possible to realize an opportunity to reach the Crimea on own car already … on May 16, 2018 when Crimean Bridge (its road part) is open for movement. Recommendation 1: To sit…

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