ZIM Coupet Tuning and Repair 

Magnificent Russian ZIM of Coupet based on BMW

What there! The machine can be changed by hands of masters so that finally will turn into something really original. Such cars can consider ZIM Coupet based on BMW “seven”. The luxury vehicle in the photo is called ZIM Coupet. It was made by masters of Tuning Studio V12 tuning studio based on the E66 BMW 745li car. The machine is executed in retro-stylistics, however actually is the modern, comfortable and functional vehicle. Each detail of a body was made by masters manually. The inside of BMW taken as a…

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Hummer H1 Tuning and Repair 

Return of the legend: Updated Hummer H1 now again I appeared in the market

The Hummer H1 car is this legend among fans of big and brutal off-road vehicles. Get such machine today it can to be extremely difficult. However all this doesn’t prevent to appear continually in the market to interesting copies for which and hands of motorists reach. The brutal Hummer H1 off-road vehicle was issued rather not for long, but during this time managed to become this legend at motorists and especially at fans of really big, cool and powerful cars. On any evil irony, the subsequent models of this car…

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BMW X6 M Tuning and Repair 

Unique BMW X6 M was offered for sale in Abu Dhabi

This BMW X6 M received an aerodynamic weather-cloth from carbon fiber from the acknowledged specialist in this case — 3D Design studio. It includes a forward splitter, a back spoiler, overlays for thresholds, the back diffuser. The standard cowl of the car was replaced with a carbonic element from the Manhart company. Unfortunately, the motor under it remained the same — the 4,4-liter V8 Twin Turbo block capacity of 575 horse-powers. From AC Schnitzer studio the crossover got a set of 23-inch rims of AC1 Forged Racing. From under the…

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Tuning auto Tuning and Repair 

External and internal car tuning of salon the hands.

The simplest and often used is the external tuning representing as, for example, improvement of aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle, and change of its appearance. Sometimes each car owner has a desire something to change in the Nissan Juke the crossover or to improve some characteristics. In this case tuning of salon can resort to a car the hands (external, internal or technical). The simplest and often used is the external tuning representing as, for example, improvement of aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle, and change of its appearance. If to…

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Lada Vesta Auto News 

Serial production of the Lada Vesta SW and Lada Vesta SW Cross cars started

On September 11, in Russia, Izhevsk city, the start was given to serial production of two new Lada models – it is Vesta SW (station wagon) and also Vesta SW Cross. As reports a press service of AVTOVAZ concern, these two cars will fill up a model range of one of the most demanded cars in the Russian market – the Lada Vesta sedan which takes the third place of rating of sales. Engineers of the AVTOVAZ set the task, to create the high-quality and reliable car. More than one…

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BMW ActiveHybrid X6 Articles and Reviews 

What is the hybrid car. Pluses and minuses of hybrids

In recent years people began to think seriously of ecology on the planet. And car makers willingly support this tendency, creating the cars using environmentally friendly fuel. As for electric cars, after all, seriously they meanwhile aren’t considered yet. What you won’t tell about hybrid cars which find the increasing popularity. What is the hybrid car? The word a hybrid comes from Latin “hibrida” that means – a hybrid. That is an organism which turns out when crossing genetically various parent forms. In our case, parent forms, it is the…

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compartment changed not only external Auto News 

Updated Lexus RC: in style of senior “brother”

Japanese declassified an updated compartment which design is executed in the spirit of flagman LC now. As well as always occurs in case of face lifting of appearance, designers got off with easy strokes. The form of headlights (now they light-emitting diode) and the LED tradable fires integrated into them was updated. Air inlets in front increased, the trellised grid is established on all versions now, and not just on F Sport. All this external pulled together the machine with a flagman compartment of LC. The form of air inlets…

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Bugatti 16C Galiber Auto News 

Bugatti will appear the super-sedan

The last years the French brand — the company of one model: Veyron, then Chiron — piece goods for automobile collectors. But in the company always dreamed to have a four-door in scale. Such model could eclipse competitors from Rolls-Royce and Bentley what to speak about Mercedes – Maybach or “seven” of BMW. But everything rested against marketing specialists of Volkswagen AG concern which possesses Bugatti. However, apparently, ice started. One of clients of the company in its courtyard managed to photograph a prototype of the unknown machine. Under a…

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At the Ford plant drones began to fly! Auto News 

At the Ford plant drones began to fly! (video)

Present, only one simple idea is capable to eliminate all risks connected with work at height moreover and to save 90% of time! To look how Ford drones inspectors work, it is possible in this video topic. In the company Ford have thought how to secure the workers forced to check durability of designs of the plant at height. Before work on maintenance employees carried out, using the automated platforms elevators and the construction woods. Works were conducted at the height up to 40 meters, and survey of each zone…

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How to choose the automobile accumulator? Articles and Reviews 

How to choose the automobile accumulator?

Modern accumulators automobile. We choose the accumulator automobile. Why for one accumulator — a current source, and for others — a headache? The answer is obvious — the wrong choice. Now we won’t speak about quality, then it would be necessary to list various brands of joint stock bank, to give characteristics. We suggest to approach the choice of the accumulator, having armed with the general representations, than one joint stock bank differs from another. Accumulators are automobile, or, more correctly, the rechargeable battery (joint stock bank) provides start of…

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