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10 recommendations that who will go on Crimean Bridge

The Crimean Bridge information center published ten recommendations to tourists (drivers and their passengers) who will go to the Crimea on a new transport crossing through the Kerch Strait. The most amusing of them (N6 recommendation) – to make a wish in case of journey under the code of a navigable arch.

We will remind, it will be possible to realize an opportunity to reach the Crimea on own car already … on May 16, 2018 when Crimean Bridge (its road part) is open for movement.

 Crimean Bridge

Recommendation 1: To sit on a path

No, not on naked stones on the bank of the passage and not on a seat mat of own car, and on a bench “Krymsky Bridge” which is established on the observation deck overlooking building of a century. Interesting detail: the similar bench costs as well in Kerch therefore this recommendation can be implemented as in case of a trip “there” (from Tamani to the Crimea), and “from there”.

Recommendation 2: To take a selfie with Lermontov

On this party vacationers can be photographed (to take a selfie) at a monument to Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov. He in “The hero of our time” wrote it: “Taman – the nastiest the small town from all seaside cities of Russia. I there slightly didn’t die from hunger moreover in addition me wanted to drown …” Not the most pleasant that inhabitants of these places from the great poet would like to hear. And nevertheless they forgave him. Moreover, delivered it a monument.

Recommendation 3: To be stocked by shrimps for a cat of the Bridge

With the Bridge more or less clear. And yes here cat? The matter is that this animal became a bridge symbol. From his name builders of a crossing have the blog in Network. If carries, tourists can meet the most important mustached-striped blogger.

Recommendation 4: To cut “I hammer a pile”

“I hammer a pile” is, it is possible, to tell the anthem by builders of Crimean Bridge. And if you want to make it pleasant, open a window and include this track at full capacity. The author and the contractor of composition (on it even the video clip is made) – Konstantin Homenko, the designer from the “Institute Giprostroymost St. Petersburg” which developed the project of a construction. By the way, he isn’t a professional musician.

 Crimean Bridge

Recommendation 5: Before a trip to study dolphins

There is a probability that during movement on Crimean Bridge the driver or someone from his passengers will see live dolphins, plashy nearby. It is very important to know that in the Black Sea. If you look, then don’t mix. And that they can take offense!

Recommendation 6: To make a wish

Where? Of course under a bridge arch. Desire can be any – from prolongation of wonderful rest till next spring (that it was back possible to return already by train) to world peace. It is necessary for people on all Earth today!

Recommendation 7: To rise by Mount Mitridat

And here you already on that coast. The info center “Crimean Bridge” advises tourists to stop in Kerch to get on Mount Mitridat. What for? First, ruins of the antique city of Panticapaeum remained here, and, secondly, the best type on the bridge on which you just arrived exactly from here opens. Who knows when still you are able to visit the Crimea?

Recommendation 8: To glance on the fish market

You don’t hurry to leave Kerch. In this city there is a good fish market where sell a local delicacy – a bottarg. It is the caviar made according to the special recipe will be to the taste to all – both the unpretentious eater and this gourmet.

 Crimean Bridge

Recommendation 9: To wink at griffins

These mythical beings stand on departure from Kerch, protecting the road and adjacent places already more than two thousand years.

Recommendation 10: To be stocked by patience

Over time need to take this advice will disappear by itself. But still new roads in the Crimea are constructed not all, and persons interested to go on the vacation to the Crimea this year can be much, this recommendation can be very useful. Nothing, suffered any more …

We will remind, began to build Crimean Bridge in 2016. At first a road part of a crossing was wanted to be handed over at the end of this year, however, at the request of Putin, decided to start movement of cars on it earlier – in May, by the beginning of a tourist season.

At the first stage – right after input of the bridge – journey will be opened for the automobile transport and buses providing passenger traffic. As for lorries weighing more than 3,5 ton, driving through Crimean Bridge is still forbidden them, to reach the mainland of Russia from the peninsula and in the opposite direction they can through the Kerch ferry crossing.

Trains on Crimean Bridge shall go in 2019.

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